JYJ video contest!

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I don’t know if you heard of this ‘#1 JYJ Fan in the World Contest’! One winner will receive two tickets for U.S. JYJ tour of his choice.
It’s pretty adorable….I just watched some of these videos. You can find the videos on youtube. I don’t know if this contest is still running, but nevertheless I wanted to share some video with you that I personally found today.

But be aware that I didn’t watch all of the videos from this contest, so if there are better than these videos than let me know it. But I’m sure I will like all of them….Because all Cassies are one. We are a big family together. So let’s support them together.

But nevertheless, I wanted to share with you some videos that I found and liked it^^:

We are JYJ’s Number 1 Fan by TaeYangisHOT

Video respond to: WHAT MAKES YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!! Contest by abcChickenRice

JYJ No.1のファン♥ by ximenaxchinenyuri

Mandy’s JYJ contest entry RE: WHAT MAKES YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!! by mandyakajane

JYJ #1 Fan Contest by JKiting

Hope you like it. I will share some more videos with you later that I found^^
But now, I need to help my mother preparing our dinner….

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andy’s JYJ contest entry RE: WHAT MAKES YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!!

Mandy’s JYJ contest entry RE: WHAT MAKES YOU THE #1 JYJ FAN IN THE WORLD??!!

Hope you like it. I will share some more videos with you later that I found^^
But now, I need to help my mother preparing our dinner….

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International Young Saeng Happy Birthday project from SS501 Germany Fansite

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My friend Kyujunnie who is a big fan from SS501, made an International Happy Birthday Project for Young Saeng and sent it to me.

Me and her, we always share information about our current K-Pop addictions….She is a really close friend to me.

She loves SS501 and shares all her cds from this young handsome five boys with me while I share all my DBSK cds with her^^

Personally I like SS501. They have their own style in K-POP. Hugh disappointment is for me that they have only one album and many mini albums for 5 years activity. That is really litte compared how long they are active, but nevertheless I love their songs. Few month’s ago their contract with their old agancy ended and all five of them signed in diffenrent angencies a new contract. First I had a bad feeling that there won’t be SS501 again, but Kyujunnie informed me that they will be back as SS501 next year! And hopefully it will be a comeback for their second album. I’m excited.

Back to this project:

Heo Young Saeng had his 25th bithday on 3rd Nov, three days ago.

Kyjunnie who is the admin of the SS501 Germany Fansite made together with her Co-Admins an international project to show their love and support to this young men .

I watched the video yesterday and was in love with it. I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you are not a SS501 Fan or maybe you like their music but don’t visit fansites and didn’t get the chance to see this video, it doesn’t matter….you should watch it.

Many fans from all of the world did participate on this project. Some of them gave a video message or text message or sang happy birthday in different languages^^

I love this idea from my friend’s fansite….to see so many TripleS Fans from different countries make you feel like a big happy family^^

Please check this video:

credits: Kyujunnie

My friend Kyujunnie sang Happy Birthday in Turkish at 2:15 – 2:30

If you ask me what was the best part from this video, I would say defenitly the part where the Peru Fans gave him a Birthday Party^^ 0:52 – 1:30
So lovely^^

SS501 Germany Fansite, you did a great job! I’m proud of you^^

Kyujunnie will send this video as a DVD to Young Saeng in few days. I hope he will like it.

If you want more SS501 information, please feel free to go to SS501 Germany Fansite.

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TVXQ song recommendations

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Bittersweet asked for some recommendations. I thought that maybe some of you don’t know so many TVXQ songs either….I hope this post will help you^^

One of my favorites is Survivor, their 26th Japanese single. Their dance is wonderfull and they look really good in black….This song makes me happy. Whenever I listen to it, it makes me stronger…If I am upside down, I like to listen to this song! My friend who is a huge SS501-Fan is in love with this song either 🙂 You should try it. The Live version is much more better (especially the dance), but I love this mv.


The next one you should try is Break out!, the 29th Japanese single. I love it that Yunho has here more singing parts than usually…an electro song from TVXQ! I don’t like the MV because the boys are apart from each other and the atmosphere is so dark and scary…like they don’t know what the future will be….Nevertheless Changmin looks here so handsome, don’t you think?

One of the best parts is Yoochun’s with “I keep pray, don’t forget, Baby, we keep the faith eternally” I think all Cassis love this part XD

Before I forget…my SS501-fan friend loves this song either^^

credits: Amaiasotaku2

Next one is Purple line, their 16th Japanese single. This song was one of my first songs from Tohoshinki, it’s really special for me. The MV is really good, but I love this live version more, because Junsu’s dance is really sexy^^
In Korea this song is also popular that’s why they sang it on their 3rd asia concert tour mirotic.


The last one I recommend you is Risung Sun, their 5th Japanese single and also from their 2nd Korean album. For me this is the song which made them famous! But some fans would say it was “O”-Jung Ban Hap. But nevertheless I love this song more than “O”. I prefer the live version of their 3rd Live Tour in Japan! I love Changmin part at 2:38-2:49 and 3:37-3:44. Their dancing skills are so good.


There are so much more songs from them I could recommend to you and I wil do it, but not today….because my grandfather is coming to us today and I need help my mother to clean our home….

Please let me know if you like these songs….

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‘Ayyy Girl’ MV

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Few days ago JYJ’s first MV came out and I just watched it today.

My first impression: WOW.

The second: ok.

But let me explain it. From the first impression to my latest feelings towards this mv:

The beginning: It was like being in a fantasy world.
I love the way how they appear separetly in the beginning. Really good.
Their dance choreograhpy is wonderfull and it fits totally to this song. They are dressed really sexy, but I don’t like Junse’s white top…doesn’t look good. I think I should say it more explicit: I don’t like how he is dressed the most part of this MV….Don’t get me wrong. I really like Junsu, ok? But am I the only one who thinks that he looks a litte bit too ‘feminine’? Maybe this is not the correct word for his appearance but I hope you get what I mean….he has such a great manly body…I don’t understand why he doesn’t show it….really…I’m sorry.

Some fans think that the make up is too much, but I think it fits totally how they are dressed…Especially Yoochun’s make up is really good. I like it.

Hugh disappointment for me was that this mv is not the DBSK standard…I know that the three are JYJ now, but I think it could have been better. I don’t think that they will get more fans after this mv……it doesn’t fit for the US market….They can do better than this and I think that this song doesn’t show their good voices….’Empty’ is much better, by far my favorite song from this album.

And the really important think is: Where is the link between the song and the mv? I don’t see any. This mv doesn’t fit to this song. Ok, it is good, our boys look really sexy and hot but apart from that, it is not so special. I’m sorry.

Don’t get my wrong, I love JYJ! I brought their album (waiting to get it….yesasia sent it last week), but this mv is not my favorite one.

I hope you don’t hate me for thinking like this and I am not an anti, but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

video credits: naopocco

Please go and check their video and let me know what you think about it, ok?

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Rumour: Changmin and Yunho are planning for a comeback?

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Like the title says…it is just a rumour. SM said that this is not decided yet…but I want to share my feeling and thoughts here.

I love this two men. They deserve to be on stage again. If JYJ can make an album and hold concerts all over the world than Changmin and Yunho have the same right to do this too.

Each of them has their own speciality:
Yunho who is really good at dancing (he is THE dancer of TVXQ in my opinion) and rapping. Changmin with his high top tenor voice and his perfectism…..
Their SMTown performance was beyond perfectism…really! To see them again on stage would be so good, especially listen to their new song.

let us wait and see if this duo will be back again.

Let’s support them till the end!

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JYJ are coming to Germany???

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Ok, guys, I will keep this short, because I am too tired of learning Hiragama….

Last night there were few tweets about JYJ coming to Germany. I don’t know if this is a rumour or a fact, but I wanted to share it with you…

A Cassie from last nights showcase in Singapore tweeted in Twitter, that Junsu said during MC-talking that there will be a showcase in GERMANY, FRANCE and ENGLAND!

And I also read on the Phoenix – The Unofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ – Facebook page….that Yoochun made the same statement today too…

When this announcement will be official, I don’t know…

But you can bet that I will be on their showcase when they are in Germany! And hopefully if I have the luck to buy a VIP ticket, I can take photos with them and do handshakes….I know I know..I am on fan-girling-modus^^ But please be nice to me and understand me….This just makes me happy^^

I mean can you believe that one of my life-wishes will be coming true?

As I am always saying…Just always keep the faith!

Important note: I read in various tweets during today’s showcase that Yoochun said: Always keep the faith!

Let’s wait for this gorgeous five men together, ok? I have faith in them^^

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Japanese lesson

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Today I had my first Japanese Lesson.
It was quite interesting and I was grinning like a happy child – who got a lollipop from their parents for being such a good child – during the lesson.
But I must admit: Japense is really a difficult language. I knew this, but I never thought it would be that hard.
Nevertheless, I want to do this. This was one of my life-wishes and I want it to be true.
So I need to work every day hard, shouln’t be hard because I have the time.

After dropping out my college (I had to do it -.-, because I failed my exam), I have plenty of time now until I know what I want to study and to which collage I want to go.

It was really a shock, because I thought I will pass my exam…after I found it out, I was in a desperate situation, because my field of my study was my dream-occupation since I was a little child. I couldn’t sleep whole two damn weeks and my sleeping habbits are not better but hopefully I can manage to sleep 3-4 hours without waking up. Everbody who did go through similiar feelings know how the feelings are…I can’t express it but I had and will have this huge hole in my soul or heart until when? I don’t know….Now it had been 4 weeks for me founding out about my failure and I still don’t know what to do to stop this emptiness in my heart.

My new hope is my Japanese Lesson….But after todays class I think it will help…I really think.

What do you think?

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