‘Superstar’ Wallpapers

location: Bedroom
mood: happy
music: BoA – Possibility

As you know, I couldn’t post anything for the last few months! I really wanted to write a fanaccount about my time in SMTown Paris, but I couldn’t.

After seeing them life, especially Changmin – I sat on the first row and had an amazing view- I fall in love with them hard, again. They were so perfect.

Few weeks ago, the japanese Single ‘Superstar’ was published. I got my own CD and must say, the pics are so sexy. Because of this I wanted to make wallpapers….to use them as desktop background. I wanted to share some with you.

I’m totally new at this -this is my first try- and I hope you really like it! Let me know it, ok?

by chunminie

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  1. Thanks for the helpful blog.

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