DBSK’s comeback teaser

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mood: excited
music: DBSK – Keep your head down (repeating it again and again)

Today, DBSK released their comeback CF on SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 and on MBC Entertainment Awards 2010. If you couldn’t watched it, you should do it.

credits: cuzimnotlaughing

First impression: OMG
Second impression: I want more!

I’m so addicted to this teaser, that I can’t stop repeating it again and again.
The beginning beat of this song is like Hey! (don’t bring me down). LOVE IT.
I love how Yunho and Changmin appears one after another, especially their glances….so serious and sexy.
Their dancing moves are so strong and manly. It really shows their sexiness and manliness. I’m happy to see Changmin so full in sexiness!
The only thing that I don’t like is Yunho’s hair style. Doesn’t suit him….makes him look like a….child LOL.

While I was writing this down, the second teaser came out. Check this:

credits: TVXQHOME

Finally I can listen to their voices…Changmin’s scream is epic. I missed his screams.
Their dance is hot, personally I don’t like their clothes choices here, me, I prefer the clothes from the first teaser, but nevertheless they look good.
Their hair style is much better here, especially from Yunho.

These two teasers make me go crazy. I can’t wait for them. I really want to see the whole MV and I want to have my own copy of this album….so many wishes in just one day XD

So, I can’t wait for you, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin!

I just want to say one more thing: PLEASE stop saying: ‘I don’t like them being TVXQ’

Yunho and Changmin will be back as Dong Bang Shin Ki and we Cassies should support them. If you don’t like them, then don’t watch their teaser, or don’t read news about them or don’t even write a comment like that. I love all of them for more than 3 years and you can’t imagine how happy I am to see finally Changmin and Yunho on stage again, I can’t wait for their songs and I don’t want anti-fans to bringing down my mood.
I pre-ordered their album and I am proud that I will be supporting them.

So please stop writing down so anti-comments….if you don’t want to support them, than don’t write it down….you’re destroying our happy and excited mood…..

I just wanted to write my feeling down. I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings here!

I will always keep the faith!

Homin hwaiting!!!
JYJ hwaiting!!!
DBSK hwaiting!!!

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