So excited…Park Jung Min’s teaser is on

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Did you saw Park Jung Min‘s mv teaser? It is so cool. Ok, it’s just a teaser, but nevertheless I can’t wait for more. The melody of his song is really good. I love violine.
Jung Min looks so sexy and grown up. Black suit looks so good on him. Maybe the make-up is a little too much, but we know Park Jung Min…it’s just like him to have so much make-up on^^

My friend Kyujunnie sent me the link. I knew from her that he was working for his solo album and that this november will be his comeback. So it wasn’t really a suprise when she sent me the link. But I never thought that the teaser would be so good. I know what you think….The teaser doesn’t show anythink….but for me it shows much more….

The titel of this song is ‘Not alone‘. The video shows us some people who are feeling alone….my first thought was while watching it: ‘Oh my god, it’s like Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful mv’. You don’t have to share my opinion, but it was like this.

I think this song will be so good, like Love ya. After watching the teaser back then, I couldn’t wait for the full version 😉

And before anyone get me wrong, I’m a big DBSK-fan, but nevertheless I like other K-Pop groups, too, that’s why you should watch this video. I’m open for all kind of music.

Check it here Park Jung Min – Not Alone Teaser

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