Park Jung Min’s comeback postponed

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I just read on a site (and heard from my friend) that Jung Min’s album release will be postboned because of the current situation between North Korea and South Korea.

As you know, North Korea attacked South Korea today. I can’t understand it why some countries think war is the best solution but let’s pray for this innocent people! They need our prays.

So because of this political situation between these two Korean countries, CNR-Media thinks that it would be not appreciated for Jung Min to have his comeback….So that means that his album realease which would have been on Nov 25th and his fanmeeting which would have been on Nov 27th will be postboned.

I don’t know when the new date will be, but I think that CNR-media did the right think….I’m sad because I wanted to have his single, but I’m proud for this hard descision. We can’t be laughing and enjoying his music and celebrating it while the people in South Korea are sad and terrified of the attacks.

So let’s support Jung Min for this hard decision. I’m proud of him.

He is such a sweet man. Really. And all TripleS will support him, I’m sure of it.

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3 Responses to Park Jung Min’s comeback postponed

  1. corianne36 says:

    you’re right, how can someone celebrate when you know others are hurt. man those north koreans, what where they’re thinking?! this news just makes me mad ! when I heard the news about the attack this evening, first thing I thought was the boys, how are they? then I began to think about the bigger picture. Its scary and frustrating really! those people are power tripping again, their souls are rotting in hell already for doing such things on innocent people. I pray that this does not happen again anywhere and to anybody.

    • chunminie says:

      Can you read my heart? I thought this excatly….Really, I wish that someday we could live in peace but I doubt it. If there would be peace in this world, than I think I won’t see it. Nevertheless I will pray for this day to come to true.
      These innocent people are suffering because of their country…We can just pray for them.
      Thank you for pingback my post.

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