Double excitment! Homin will be back in January 2011

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I’m so happy at the moment. Can’t express my feelings. Really.

I read on various fansites few days ago that Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho are finalizing their new album and that they are having dance practices now. If it is true than I can finally see Changmin and Yunho on stage again.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Their comeback will be January 2011….So, it will be my own birthday present from Changmin and Yunho^^

According to this news Changmin and Yunho will be active under the name TVXQ which is for me acceptable. I don’t see why some people don’t like this idea. Of course we know that TVXQ will be always five but this current situation doesn’t allow anything else.

If I remember correctly one year ago SS501 was active with just three members while the other two were busy with their own activity.
So why can’t we accept that Changmin and Yunho can be TVXQ while the other three are JYJ at the moment? We can accept this like the TripleS accepted this back then too. I see no problem in this. As long as they won’t be getting new three member, it’s ok for me.

Anyway, I want to hear their voices no matter how. Because we should not forget that we Cassies love them because of their beautiful voices and not their handsomeness. And as a singer they belong to the stage and it doesn’t matter under which name they will be singing.

As long as these men are singing and dancing, we should support them.

So let’s support Changmin and Yunho together like we supported JYJ. They need our love too. We own this to them.

Allways keep the faith!

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