International Young Saeng Happy Birthday project from SS501 Germany Fansite

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My friend Kyujunnie who is a big fan from SS501, made an International Happy Birthday Project for Young Saeng and sent it to me.

Me and her, we always share information about our current K-Pop addictions….She is a really close friend to me.

She loves SS501 and shares all her cds from this young handsome five boys with me while I share all my DBSK cds with her^^

Personally I like SS501. They have their own style in K-POP. Hugh disappointment is for me that they have only one album and many mini albums for 5 years activity. That is really litte compared how long they are active, but nevertheless I love their songs. Few month’s ago their contract with their old agancy ended and all five of them signed in diffenrent angencies a new contract. First I had a bad feeling that there won’t be SS501 again, but Kyujunnie informed me that they will be back as SS501 next year! And hopefully it will be a comeback for their second album. I’m excited.

Back to this project:

Heo Young Saeng had his 25th bithday on 3rd Nov, three days ago.

Kyjunnie who is the admin of the SS501 Germany Fansite made together with her Co-Admins an international project to show their love and support to this young men .

I watched the video yesterday and was in love with it. I wanted to share it with you. Maybe you are not a SS501 Fan or maybe you like their music but don’t visit fansites and didn’t get the chance to see this video, it doesn’t matter….you should watch it.

Many fans from all of the world did participate on this project. Some of them gave a video message or text message or sang happy birthday in different languages^^

I love this idea from my friend’s fansite….to see so many TripleS Fans from different countries make you feel like a big happy family^^

Please check this video:

credits: Kyujunnie

My friend Kyujunnie sang Happy Birthday in Turkish at 2:15 – 2:30

If you ask me what was the best part from this video, I would say defenitly the part where the Peru Fans gave him a Birthday Party^^ 0:52 – 1:30
So lovely^^

SS501 Germany Fansite, you did a great job! I’m proud of you^^

Kyujunnie will send this video as a DVD to Young Saeng in few days. I hope he will like it.

If you want more SS501 information, please feel free to go to SS501 Germany Fansite.

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2 Responses to International Young Saeng Happy Birthday project from SS501 Germany Fansite

  1. lisa says:

    I enjoyed it very much. I’m sure if young saeng ssi sees this he’s definitely going to be very happy and thankful to you guys. great work!

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