TVXQ song recommendations

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Bittersweet asked for some recommendations. I thought that maybe some of you don’t know so many TVXQ songs either….I hope this post will help you^^

One of my favorites is Survivor, their 26th Japanese single. Their dance is wonderfull and they look really good in black….This song makes me happy. Whenever I listen to it, it makes me stronger…If I am upside down, I like to listen to this song! My friend who is a huge SS501-Fan is in love with this song either 🙂 You should try it. The Live version is much more better (especially the dance), but I love this mv.


The next one you should try is Break out!, the 29th Japanese single. I love it that Yunho has here more singing parts than usually…an electro song from TVXQ! I don’t like the MV because the boys are apart from each other and the atmosphere is so dark and scary…like they don’t know what the future will be….Nevertheless Changmin looks here so handsome, don’t you think?

One of the best parts is Yoochun’s with “I keep pray, don’t forget, Baby, we keep the faith eternally” I think all Cassis love this part XD

Before I forget…my SS501-fan friend loves this song either^^

credits: Amaiasotaku2

Next one is Purple line, their 16th Japanese single. This song was one of my first songs from Tohoshinki, it’s really special for me. The MV is really good, but I love this live version more, because Junsu’s dance is really sexy^^
In Korea this song is also popular that’s why they sang it on their 3rd asia concert tour mirotic.


The last one I recommend you is Risung Sun, their 5th Japanese single and also from their 2nd Korean album. For me this is the song which made them famous! But some fans would say it was “O”-Jung Ban Hap. But nevertheless I love this song more than “O”. I prefer the live version of their 3rd Live Tour in Japan! I love Changmin part at 2:38-2:49 and 3:37-3:44. Their dancing skills are so good.


There are so much more songs from them I could recommend to you and I wil do it, but not today….because my grandfather is coming to us today and I need help my mother to clean our home….

Please let me know if you like these songs….

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