Rumour: Changmin and Yunho are planning for a comeback?

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Like the title says…it is just a rumour. SM said that this is not decided yet…but I want to share my feeling and thoughts here.

I love this two men. They deserve to be on stage again. If JYJ can make an album and hold concerts all over the world than Changmin and Yunho have the same right to do this too.

Each of them has their own speciality:
Yunho who is really good at dancing (he is THE dancer of TVXQ in my opinion) and rapping. Changmin with his high top tenor voice and his perfectism…..
Their SMTown performance was beyond perfectism…really! To see them again on stage would be so good, especially listen to their new song.

let us wait and see if this duo will be back again.

Let’s support them till the end!

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