JYJ are coming to Germany???

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Ok, guys, I will keep this short, because I am too tired of learning Hiragama….

Last night there were few tweets about JYJ coming to Germany. I don’t know if this is a rumour or a fact, but I wanted to share it with you…

A Cassie from last nights showcase in Singapore tweeted in Twitter, that Junsu said during MC-talking that there will be a showcase in GERMANY, FRANCE and ENGLAND!

And I also read on the Phoenix – The Unofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ – Facebook page….that Yoochun made the same statement today too…

When this announcement will be official, I don’t know…

But you can bet that I will be on their showcase when they are in Germany! And hopefully if I have the luck to buy a VIP ticket, I can take photos with them and do handshakes….I know I know..I am on fan-girling-modus^^ But please be nice to me and understand me….This just makes me happy^^

I mean can you believe that one of my life-wishes will be coming true?

As I am always saying…Just always keep the faith!

Important note: I read in various tweets during today’s showcase that Yoochun said: Always keep the faith!

Let’s wait for this gorgeous five men together, ok? I have faith in them^^

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One Response to JYJ are coming to Germany???

  1. 케싸 says:

    aaaah I want to see JyJ in Germany, too !!!!

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