JYJ’s songs….

Thanks to Cassies I could listen to their songs on youtube.

First impression: Live version of their songs is better than their recording…

Here is my first ranking of the songs, which I like the most:

TOP 3:
1. Empty
2. Ayy Girl ft Kanye West
3. Be My Girl

‘Ayy Girl’ is really a good song: I like Kanye West’ rap and JYJ’s part rocks.  This song is really great but as I mentioned earlier live version is better.

‘Empty’ is better than ‘Ayy Girl’, composed by Rodney Jerkins. It is by far my favourite one. Sorry Kanye West but I like this song more than yours^^

‘Be my Girl’ is a good one too, but I couldn’t listen to it well because of the LQ of the video. Hopefully I can say about it more after I get my own CD. -.-

When I will get my CD, I don’t know….CDJapan sent to my an email that the release date is pushed back again. It will be send on Oct 25th…So this means I must wait 2 more weeks until I get my own copy…This really sucks. I want to have it now. After listening to those wonderful songs, I can’t wait. Sometimes it is really hard to be a Cassiopeia….But I will give my best.

There are really great pictures of the Showcase in Seoul taken from Cassies. Please look at them. I love Jaejoong’s clothes, Junsu’s hair (this hair color suits him more than blond, I think^^) and everything about Yoochun^^ I know that my fan-modus sucks…I’m sorry about it but I am so happy right now that I think nobody can stop me about my fan-girling^^

No matter what will happen I will always support TVXQ, all five of them.

For me, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho are the most talented people on the world. They need our love and support and I will do everything within my power to support them^^

Always keep the faith!

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One Response to JYJ’s songs….

  1. kim says:

    jyj have you guys the new song ? X ly

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