JYJ ‘the beginning’ Showcase in Seoul tomorrow

I can’t believe it.

Just one more day and than ‘The Beginning’ Showcase will be beginning…

Ok…maybe it is less than 15 hours…I forget that it is already 6:50 am in Seoul.

I envy Cassies in Korea who can attend this concert…I really want to be part of it. I hope JYJ will come to Germany too. This is my life-wish. Really. Who doesn’t want to see a spectacular show with talented singers who can sing live better than their own recordings? Just tell me? Who doesn’t want this?

Ok…I’m correcting myself..It is not my life-wish.

My life-wish is to see DBSK on a live stage…I want the whole group as 5 members. But just for this time, it will be alright to just want to see the three of them.

Normally their album ‘the beginning’ should be released tomorrow, but I read in various sites that it will be pushed back….because of the production or agancy…I’m not sure. But this information crushed my whole world!

People don’t understand why this makes me so sad! I need this album right now and I envy the Cassies who can go to this Showcase in Seoul and will be the first one to listen to their music!

If you don’t know DBSK or JYJ, than you won’t unterstand me too. Please do me a favor and research them…because if you not, you will miss the chance to know a group who can truely sing live and dance hot! These men are gods…like their names.


But hopefully I can watch some videos of this showcase on youtube tomorrow…

Cassies, I’m counting on you!

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