I’m so bored.

My friend forced me to join to twitter. I did it, but ……..

I don’t know anybody there….really, what should somebody like me has to do in twitter? Nobody knows me.

Ah….as we speaking….Do you know the song Nobody knows by Dong Bang Shin Ki aka DBSK? It’s really good. I love it. Really. You should try it.

So, as I said my friend loves twitter. She wants me to like it, too. I will give it a try but I’m not so sure of it.

Do you know this feeling when you want to do something but you don’t have the energy do it? Take me as an example: I want to watch a K-Drama, but I don’t do it.

So that’s why I’m writing this while listening to SeoulFM…at the moment: Super JuniorSorry, Sorry.

Super Junior is one of the best boy bands in Korea but no group can top DBSK!

So again I’m asking……What should I do, now?

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One Response to Boring….

  1. Kyujunnie says:


    What an honor to be the first person to comment your blog…
    You will get used to twitter, don’t worry nae chingu^^ he he
    I’m wondering who this person is who forced you to join twitter^^ he he
    He might be a genius^^

    lots of love,

    your kyujunnie^^

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