‘Superstar’ Wallpapers

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As you know, I couldn’t post anything for the last few months! I really wanted to write a fanaccount about my time in SMTown Paris, but I couldn’t.

After seeing them life, especially Changmin – I sat on the first row and had an amazing view- I fall in love with them hard, again. They were so perfect.

Few weeks ago, the japanese Single ‘Superstar’ was published. I got my own CD and must say, the pics are so sexy. Because of this I wanted to make wallpapers….to use them as desktop background. I wanted to share some with you.

I’m totally new at this -this is my first try- and I hope you really like it! Let me know it, ok?

by chunminie

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DBSK’s new music video : ‘왜(Keep Your Head Down)’….Will Homin be ok?

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As you know, DBSK will be starting their activity on the 5th January with releasing their special edition album. The music video for ‘(Keep Your Head Down)’ is now watchable on the internet and I must say just one word: EPIC!!

But before I begin to write down my opinion on this music video, I want to share my struggling feelings I had these past few days. I was so happy when I read that Yunho and Changmin will be back again that I didn’t even care that they will be just two of them. But then after seeing their teaser mv I was getting nervous.

Will they be ok, just the two of them?
How will be the song, without the other three?
Will be there a fanwar?
Is there a meaning for this song? A message to JYJ?

I was so full of question and so confused. I just realized that DBSK will be Changmin and Yunho only, without Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun.
I thought:

Who will be singing the most important and heart shattering parts? without Junsu?

Who will be rapping along Yunho without Yoochun?
Who will be the lead singer? Without Jaejoong?

Of course Changmin and Yunho are capable of doing this, but as everybody knows it: Every member in DBSK has his own parts and skills. So I think it was a normal reaction from me to getting nervous the closer their comeback date were coming.

I couldn’t express my feelings to my friends, because I was worried that they would not understand me. My feelings were divided. My one half was so happy to see them again, hear their voices, but my other half was so sad to see just 2 of 5. It doesn’t matter how often I am trying to tell me that I should see Changmin’s and Yunho’s comeback as a subgroup of DBSK – like Super Junior did it very often – I can’t get the fear out of my heart. The fear to see no more the five members together under the name DBSK.

I’m a very optimistic girl. I like to laugh and want to see everything in a good light, but sometimes I have my doubts too. Like now.
I am a big supporter of DBSK because I love them….their singing, dancing, personalities…..everythink and I will be always a Cassiopeia and keep my faith.
But I have my up and down’s in these fandom too….or I had it the last few days.

After watching this music video most of my worries were gone.

I don’t know how much I repeated this music video, but it was a lot!

credits: AsianMusicWorldHD

I just freaked out after seeing the first seconds, because it was one of the teasers! I love this solo dancing….so sexy.
About the costumes: Most of their clothes are good choices, but I don’t like the grey-orange colored costumes. That one is really horrible and the black one of Changmin with chest open. I wouldn’t have picked these for them, but nevertheless it’S ok.
I like that Changmin is wearing glove on his right hand and a big ring on his left hand…looks really fetching.

The dancing is awesome and really manly. Typical DBSK-style. It’s ultimate perfection.
They closed the hole of JYJ with many dancers, so the dance looked very good, but I miss Junsu’s dance (of course of the others too^^)

To sum it up: this music video is EPIC!!!

I don’t like to compare JYJ and HoMin with eachother, but this music video is so much better than ‘Ayyy Girl‘.

So will Changmin and Yunho be ok?

Yes, they will!

This song is really good. I like it more than ‘Ayyy Girl‘ and it is more my choice of music. The beginning of ‘‘ is like J-Rock, very good and the beat reminds me a little bit of ‘Hey! Don’t bring me down’ (Don’t know why this is so). It’s a good dance song. It has the typical DBSK air in it, but also something new. I like this combination, because DBSK always surprised me with their songs. I like how they are trying news and fooling around about their styles. I think Cassiopeias will love this song.

Do I miss JYJ voices in this song?

Of course I miss them.

But I thing that this song really suits Changmin and Yunho. They mixed their voices so good together that they closed the hole of three members very well. Of course it would be better with a rapping part of Yoochun, maybe Jaejoong too. Junsu’s top baritone would suits here as well…but as I was saying, Changmin and Yunho did really well. I’m proud of them.

They split up their parts very good. I never thought I would be hearing Changmin rapping. That was so epic and I thinks it’s suits him a lot. Until seeing DBSK as 5 again, I think, we will hear Changmin rapping more often! I can’t wait for more.

I’m curious how this performance will be live.

Is there a message to JYJ?


For me, I don’t think that this song’s lyrics are a message for JYJ. It’s about a boy and a girl and breaking up story. As far as I know ‘(Keep Your Head Down)‘ will be their comeback single in Japan too and this song should be OST for a Japanese Drama. So, it has nothing to do with JYJ.
Even if it should be towards JYJ, as long as Changmin and Yunho didn’t write and composed this song, I will not believe that Homin thinks about JYJ like this. I will always keep my faith.

Will there be a fanwar between JYJ-fans and HoMin-fans?

OMG! I hope not, because as DBSK-Fans we should be happy to see our beloved Changmin and Yunho on stage again. We should not divide us, because if we don’t stick together how should Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho get their strength? If we support them together and let them know that we are standing besides them no matter what, than we can have a DBSK as 5 in the future. I believe in this. We need to support them in their worst and hard times, and these days it’s hard for them being apart from each other.

So please don’t start a fanwar.

JYJ = HoMin = TVXQ = Cassiopeia!

I think 2011 will be the year of Dong Bang Shin Ki….The Gods Of The East are back….5 of them are on the stage, maybe not together, but nevertheless they are singing!

I’m heading to bed now, thanks for reading it

Always keep the faith!

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DBSK’s comeback teaser

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Today, DBSK released their comeback CF on SBS Gayo Daejun 2010 and on MBC Entertainment Awards 2010. If you couldn’t watched it, you should do it.

credits: cuzimnotlaughing

First impression: OMG
Second impression: I want more!

I’m so addicted to this teaser, that I can’t stop repeating it again and again.
The beginning beat of this song is like Hey! (don’t bring me down). LOVE IT.
I love how Yunho and Changmin appears one after another, especially their glances….so serious and sexy.
Their dancing moves are so strong and manly. It really shows their sexiness and manliness. I’m happy to see Changmin so full in sexiness!
The only thing that I don’t like is Yunho’s hair style. Doesn’t suit him….makes him look like a….child LOL.

While I was writing this down, the second teaser came out. Check this:

credits: TVXQHOME

Finally I can listen to their voices…Changmin’s scream is epic. I missed his screams.
Their dance is hot, personally I don’t like their clothes choices here, me, I prefer the clothes from the first teaser, but nevertheless they look good.
Their hair style is much better here, especially from Yunho.

These two teasers make me go crazy. I can’t wait for them. I really want to see the whole MV and I want to have my own copy of this album….so many wishes in just one day XD

So, I can’t wait for you, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin!

I just want to say one more thing: PLEASE stop saying: ‘I don’t like them being TVXQ’

Yunho and Changmin will be back as Dong Bang Shin Ki and we Cassies should support them. If you don’t like them, then don’t watch their teaser, or don’t read news about them or don’t even write a comment like that. I love all of them for more than 3 years and you can’t imagine how happy I am to see finally Changmin and Yunho on stage again, I can’t wait for their songs and I don’t want anti-fans to bringing down my mood.
I pre-ordered their album and I am proud that I will be supporting them.

So please stop writing down so anti-comments….if you don’t want to support them, than don’t write it down….you’re destroying our happy and excited mood…..

I just wanted to write my feeling down. I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings here!

I will always keep the faith!

Homin hwaiting!!!
JYJ hwaiting!!!
DBSK hwaiting!!!

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I’m not dead!

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As so many of you noticed, I couldn’t update my blog for the last two weeks. I didn’t even have time for twitter. The reason behind this is that I got a job: I will be working at a perfumery during christmas time.
It’s not so easy as it sounds….to handle some mad or unpolite customers is not easy…really….tsk…I’m happy when I can go home and relax.

And the other thing is that my parents don’t like it when I am on the internet….not sure why but whenever they noticed me with my notebook, I can see that they are not happy with it. Tsk…so complicated really…Nevertheless I will be more on next week.

I just wanted you know that I am not dead but didn’t have so much time.

But I think it will be better now…..I will just working three times a week, so I should be able to have free time for twitter and for my blog from now on.

See u guys!!!

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Park Jung Min’s comeback postponed

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I just read on a site (and heard from my friend) that Jung Min’s album release will be postboned because of the current situation between North Korea and South Korea.

As you know, North Korea attacked South Korea today. I can’t understand it why some countries think war is the best solution but let’s pray for this innocent people! They need our prays.

So because of this political situation between these two Korean countries, CNR-Media thinks that it would be not appreciated for Jung Min to have his comeback….So that means that his album realease which would have been on Nov 25th and his fanmeeting which would have been on Nov 27th will be postboned.

I don’t know when the new date will be, but I think that CNR-media did the right think….I’m sad because I wanted to have his single, but I’m proud for this hard descision. We can’t be laughing and enjoying his music and celebrating it while the people in South Korea are sad and terrified of the attacks.

So let’s support Jung Min for this hard decision. I’m proud of him.

He is such a sweet man. Really. And all TripleS will support him, I’m sure of it.

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